Micro-Reading Journey - Deepstash

Being a bit of a boomer-techie, I had been relying heavily on social media for news and small reads. I recently got really tired of Facebook/Instagram serving random and crappy content at me and decided to look for an alternative. That, plus the fact that I have not been able to properly read the books that I have been hoarding as a Tsundoku. I decided to explore micro-reading - chunks/summaries of all reading materials and came across Deepstash.

Deepstash is a platform designed to help you discover, save, and apply valuable insights from the world’s best ideas, stories, and articles. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, personal growth, or professional development, Deepstash offers a curated collection of bite-sized knowledge nuggets to spark your curiosity and fuel your learning journey.

  • Curated Content: Access a diverse range of curated content across various topics, including productivity, psychology, leadership, creativity, and more.
  • Daily Stash: Receive a daily dose of inspiration and learning with handpicked insights delivered directly to your inbox or mobile device.
  • Save and Organize: Save your favorite insights and organize them into personalized collections for easy reference and sharing.
  • Learn and Apply: Explore actionable insights and practical tips that you can apply to enhance your personal and professional life.
  • Community Engagement: Engage with a community of like-minded individuals, share your thoughts and experiences, and learn from others’ perspectives.
  1. Discover: Explore the Deepstash platform to discover insights on topics that interest you. Browse through curated collections or search for specific keywords.
  2. Save: When you come across an insight that resonates with you, save it to your personal stash for future reference. You can also organize your saved insights into themed collections.
  3. Learn: Dive into each insight to gain a deeper understanding of the topic and uncover practical tips and advice. Apply what you learn to your daily life to foster personal growth and development.
  4. Engage: Connect with other users, share your thoughts and experiences, and engage in meaningful discussions around the insights that matter to you.

As a cheevo gamer myself, I like that they have the Achievements system. It’s a nice subtle push for individuals towards achieving their goals, a small step at a time. They also have streaks metrics to keep your momentum going. While I am still looking for a place for a brain-dump, they do offer a nice avenue to write (or post rather) your ideas to help you remember and learn things easily. These ideas are shared publicly to encourage community engagement in learning. Deepstash is also available in both mobile and web version.

Overall it’s a decent app with a huge library of free resources for your micro-consumption. Do give it a shot if this is your thing.