I created a new portfolio with React and Three.JS!

Leveraging the power of React and Three.js, I am happy to share that I have created a new portfolio to showcase and share my coding projects.

You can probably spot the disparity between my blog and my portfolio website. This is intentional because I want to try coding in different languages and frameworks. Also because I am not a front-end developer, and probably never will be. I had always been interested in the backend of things.

I suck at CSS, I suck at Tailwind, I just suck at designing in general.

I am also trying to resolve certain infrastructure issues to amalgamate my entire project stacks into one web hosting provider. To recapitulate, my blog built on the Hugo and is currently hosted on Netlify. My other coding projects are hosted on Vercel.

But I digress.

I love learning. I am turning 40 years old this year and have come a long way in gaining different skill sets. I picked up speedcubing (3x3) in 2022 and just 2 months ago in Feb 2024, I finally reached my goal of going sub-20, or below 20 seconds. Till date, it remains to be my favourite activity, so much so that I bring it with me everywhere. In fact, I mostly take public transport instead of driving now largely because I want to cube while commuting.

Since I have not actually done any heavy coding in the last few years, I decided to challenge myself and pick up real coding again. Over the last few years, thanks to the many opportunities during Covid, I had started several businesses and did not have the time to polish my coding skills. Even in the last few months after moving to my new place, I have been dabbling with Home Assistant and IoT stuffs. I will make separate blog posts on that.

So to push myself harder in Q2 2024, I decided to pick up JS frameworks and decided to go with React.

Yup. Front-end stuff. I dislike it. But what better motivation than to face something you dislike head-on?

This portfolio is the first of my many front-end React projects to come. And yes, I will continue posting stuff here to keep myself motivated.

Also it’s time to show the kids what coding really is about.

Nope. Not the game I made 2 years back.

The portfolio website is well, a basic portfolio of the work I have done. Seeing that it is a bit bare now, I have also filled with easy-to-understand content with a bit of my professional history and technicak skillsets.

  • React.JS
  • Three.JS
  • Tailwind CSS
  • TypeScript

Head over to my portfolio to check out some of the work I have done. I will work on the corresponding blog posts here as much as possible.